John L. Gibson, PhD

Licensed Psychologist in Holland, Michigan

Licensed Psychologist in Holland, Michigan


DECEMBER 6, 2021.

Given recent surge of COVID cases in Michigan (and Ottawa County), and the higher than expected break-through cases, I have gone back to using tele-therapy for all sessions. I will re-evaluate this policy in January, 2022.

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OCTOBER 21, 2021 (prior updates can be found here and here.)

For most of 2020, and more than half of 2021, all appointments were conducted using tele-therapy (which actually works quite well, by the way). I began to see clients in my office again this past summer, but not everyone was comfortable switching back to in-office visits. As of this writing, I am seeing clients both in my office and virtually.

Clients who want to be seen in the office must be fully vaccinated. I recommend that clients wear a mask upon entering the building and not remove it until we are settled in the consulting room.

I reserve the right to ask new clients for proof of vaccination before I will see them in my office.

Safety precautions for my office:

  1. I check-in with clients regularly about their health status.
  2. I ask clients to wear a mask upon entering and leaving the building.
  3. I am fully vaccinated, and have received a booster.
  4. I use an air purifier in the office.
  5. When I do virtual sessions, I use a service specifically designed for health care professionals (Doxy Me). There is no additional charge for this service, and it is easy to use.

As new information about the pandemic becomes available, this policy may change. We'll just have to see how things go.