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The Blog of John Gibson, PhD

On-line Therapy

Because of the COVID pandemic, I began conducting on-line therapy sessions exclusively in March of 2020. As of this writing, it is not clear when I will return to providing sessions in my office.

I use Doxy Me, a telemedicine service that is HIPAA compliant and fully secure. This service allows me to work with anyone in the state of Michigan.

Virtual sessions can be an effective way to do therapy. The things we talk about in face-to-face sessions can still be done in a virtual sessions. I switched over to on-line sessions in March so that my clients could reduce the risk of exposure to the virus. So far, everyone seems to have adapted to this format quickly. If you are thinking about starting therapy, don't let the COVID-19 situation stand in your way. Virtual sessions work. (And therapy helps.)

If you have questions about whether on-line therapy is right for you, I can be reached at (616) 218-8059.