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Work and the Soul

Soul-less worker

What are the consequences of soul-less work?

You fantasize about getting out.
You are bored, disengaged, or numb.
You are not creative or original.
You are not as productive as you could be.
You fantasize about a miracle or a savior. ("Help! Get me out of here!")
You postpone living until retirement -- then you can live.
You compensate. Food. Alcohol. Possession lust. Mindless entertainment.
You become selfish, ego-centered, uncaring, immune to the pain of others.
You feel disaffected, demoralized.

Is it time for a change?

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Beach scene

For the dads who stop by my blog every now and then, Happy Father’s Day.

Some years ago, when my daughter was a toddler, a friend who was not a parent asked me what it was like to be a parent. I thought for a moment, and then told her that so much of parenting could be assigned to two categories: sacrifice and joy.

So much of good parenting is about putting your kids first. Good parents sacrifice time, energy, needs, money, sleep, and more for the sake of their children. This is just part of the job description, and good parents do it willingly.

But being a parent is also about great joy. Few things in life have given me as much joy as being a father. Whatever else I am, or try to be, I am that guy in the stands of life who is always rooting for his daughter. The joy I get from watching her grow and discover life is worth more to me than I say.

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