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Silver Bullets

A silver bullet has come to be a metaphor for the idea of having single solution that creates maximum results.

But when it comes to stress, personal problems, symptom relief, or maladaptive patterns, there are no silver bullets, no magical solutions, no quick fixes.

This is because most emotional problems are complex. They may involve thoughts, feelings, beliefs, personal history, personality, motivation, genetic predispositions, habits, relationships, and complicated situations. Complex problems are rarely solved with simple solutions.

If you are to make real progress on your goals–-gains that last—it might take some time. It might take a deeper knowledge of self and others, behavior changes (small steps), getting comfortable with discomfort, tackling resistance, course corrections, persistence, and more.

This doesn't mean you can't make your life better. You can. But you'll have to devote time, energy, and resources to the project of fixing you.

This is where therapy comes into the picture. Therapy gives you structure, which helps with consistency. It gives accountability, which helps when you want to give up. And it gives the insight to help you see the path forward more clearly.